Under Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Ordinance, a person, corporation, or partnership that carries any trade or business in Hong Kong is subject to profits tax on profits arising in or derived from Hong Kong. Each year, these entities must file a Profits Tax Return to the Inland Revenue Department. As Hong Kong uses a territorial-source principle of taxation, only profits sourced in Hong Kong are taxable.

For more than three decades, our team has helped clients to comply with tax reporting requirements in Hong Kong, Mainland, and internationally. We have specialized and are experienced in taxation, accounting, and risk management areas for companies whose operations covering multinational jurisdictions. Our reputation is built on solving tax-planning issues in ways that ensure that all essentials of a financial plan run with maximum tax efficiency.

We also provide individual client service, such that our private client’s service team is made of experienced tax and legal professionals. Our specialists are the trusted partner providing wealth counseling to high-net-worth individuals and families who demand high levels of service, professionalism, and financial results.

Individual and Corporate Services

  • Tax controversy services: Tax field audits and investigations, tax disputes resolution and appeals to various levels of the courts
  • Tax compliance services: Tax return filing, tax inquiries, tax administration and objections
  • Tax exemption application services: Profits tax and salaries tax exemption
  • Tax advisory services: Profits tax, salaries tax and property tax
  • Tax resident advisory and application services: Application of Certificate of Tax Resident Status and handling of Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP)