2023 Nov - IESGB x IFTA Annual Conference on Nov 20, 2023

Mr. Wilson C. Kwok, Chairman of LKKC CPA Limited, Founder of IESGB, Founder and Vice Chairman of IFTA, was thrilled to be one of the Opening remarks speakers for the IESGB x IFTA Annual Conference on Nov 20, 2023. Mr. Kwok hope all of you enjoy the sharing and discussions and seize this invaluable opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

This conference aims to explore the intersection of ESG and Fintech to understand how these two powerful forces can collaborate and create a synergy that drives positive change. We firmly believe that technology holds immense potential to propel the development of ESG initiatives. 


Again, thank you to all our Keynote speakers to delve into how to make the ESG disclosure framework more complete and explore how technology can assist corporations in overcoming the challenges they face. Also, great to all our panelists, for the discussions and insights shared during this conference, we hope to provide to all with a deeper understanding of these issues.


Once again, Mr. Kwok expressed his gratitude for your presence today. I wish you all an enriching and inspiring conference. Enjoy the event. Thank you!